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Lorraine Wilcox

Oakland, CA

November 2018

Angela helped both my older sister and I earlier this year. My sister needed help with her finances, and I needed help with everything, lol! I was feeling ‘stuck’ (as she says); unmotivated, not happy with my job, and just didn’t know what to do or where to turn, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I just knew I wasn’t happy. [Angela] asked lots of questions that helped me really identify what was going on, then we put an action plan together and she helped me work it; holding me accountable. She’s direct, firm, is willing to ask the difficult questions, but is loving and VERY funny. She really gives of herself.

Sharron Kyle

Richmond, CA

February 2019

Where do I start?! [Angela] is just plain gifted. I’ve worked with two other coaches before over the years, and they were fine. However Angela was able to size up what was going on with me in two sessions, and immediately brought me into awareness and in a way the other two coaches weren’t able to do. She really heard me, what I was saying and not saying. Not only did she help me transition from being an older candidate to fully employed, but she also got my finances together! I just can’t say enough about her, and I’m so very thankful.

Mona Franklin-Hart

Camden, NJ

May 2019

I was at a women’s leadership conference when I saw [Angela] speak, and she was great! she was very interactive, got down into the audience to really connect with us. And OMG, her story is AMAZING!! And the things she was saying it was like she was talking about me.. directly TO ME! So many of us were in tears, either from laughing or because she was so deep. I emailed her THAT DAY! We finally connected and then began working 3 weeks later. She doesn’t beat around the bush with things though. I’ve worked with other coaches and they were fine, but Angela is all about dealing with how you think and see yourself - that’s how the the changes stick with you! Yes she can help you identify your goals and come up with a plan to reach them, but if you don’t deal with your issues around them, then you’ll be right back [where] you started! I really appreciate what she’s done for me and I use what she’s taught me everyday!

Alicia Finch

Sacramento, CA

August 2019

Angela has a way of cutting through the nonsense and getting right down to the heart of the matter. She is an amazing listener and comes up with practical ways to solve problems

Shavonne Simmons

Los Angeles, CA

April 2019

My BFF dragged me to some BORING entrepreneur workshop where Angela was speaking - WOW! She was the best part of if! She didn’t even talk about business really, [sic] all about women and our relationships with each other; what she said rocked my world. I see things so differently now. And she’s funny

MarKeisha Wicks

Chicago, IL

September 2019

OMG... Angela is THE TRUTH. Indecision and anxiety about making [making decisions] had been the [bane] of my existence since I was a teenager and it’s what kept me stuck. Angela was able to “peel back the onion” as she says, to help me not only see WHAT the problems were, but HOW to start dealing with them. She has an interesting way of getting to the root of what’s going on, is so funny and real, and she’s truly gifted. Yes, she has really helped me changed my life.

Valerie Turner Shelton

Atlanta, GA

July 2019

I can truthfully say I managed to turn my marriage around avoiding divorce, and got a better position (the one I wanted but didn’t think I could get) because of Angela. SERIOUSLY. She has affected me on a deep level, and I see myself in a different and better way; she helped me find my voice and self-trust. HIRE HER!!!

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