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Angela, like many women, has had her battles with self-doubt, imposture syndrome and people-pleasing. Her obstacle-filled journey through life to complete her degrees, climbing the climb corporate ladders then deciding to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of her parents and serious health challenges has helped to birth a new Angela. She's done the work to transform her inner child, stop seeking acceptance and validation, and has learned how to use her life’s experiences to...


Her transformation inspires other women who continue to struggle with similar challenges to overcome their fears, identify their non-negotiables, aspire to define success for themselves and live life on their own terms.  Through her laser-focused coaching, Angela has empowered thousands of women to MAKE BETTER DECISIONS WITH CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE. She leverages her corporate business experience and certifications as a Life and Business Coach to create life skills, financial, relationship and communication skills coaching programs and workshops for women and entrepreneurs, particularly women of color.

Unfortunately, shortly after she and her husband welcomed their only child into the world, Angela was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Systemic Lupus, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Vasculitis, and a host oof other life threatening diseases - collectively affecting her heart, lungs, brain, central nervous system, vascular system, and connective tissue.


Things took an even worse turn when two of the primary diseases attacked her brain; she suffered several seizures and strokes, and fell down a flight of stairs! Angela had no recollection of her husband, her baby daughter, or who she was. Not only had she lost her memory, but she also could not walk or talk!   


Angela began months of debilitating chemotherapy and intense rehab, pushing herself to not only learn how to walk and talk all over again, but to learn who she was and those around her.  Angela's transformation and fight to live life on her terms continues to INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE. She gives God the glory, and wants to share her skills, experience, and life lessons with you!



“Angela has a way of cutting through the nonsense and getting right down to the heart of the matter. She is an amazing listener and comes up with practical ways to solve problems.”

Alicia Finch, Sacramento, CA


Coaching is fundamentally different from therapy, counseling, or giving advice; it addresses specific personal or professional goals like being open to love, getting a handle on your finances or changing careers, by identifying your obstacles. Then creating a course of action to make your life be what you want or need it to be.

But Transformational Coaching takes these basic principles a step further by addressing the way you think of and see yourself; this, along with Angela’s systems and proven strategies is what creates true and lasting change.

  • Therapy or counseling

  • Providing recovery and healing

  • About looking at and dissecting the past

  • For healing past wounds that may be affecting the present

 It’s Time for Coaching If You Are:
  • Tired of the indecision or making bad decisions

  • Frustrated with negative self talk

  • Overwhelmed by self doubt

  • Ready to get clarity and build confidence

  • Ready to own your power and create meaningful change, not just setting and achieving goals!